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About us

          WORLD ENERGY


          With expertise in absorption refrigeration technology, World Energy
          provides energy saving environmentally friendly absorption chillers
          and absorption heat pumps to global customers, including
          multinational corporations or a government agencies, buildings or
          production facilities, cruise ships or offshore plants.

          Address: 97, Gaeungongdan-gil, Gaeun-eup, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
          Lear more:
          Find “World Energy Absorption Chiller” on Youtube


                             EFFICIENCY                                         FLEXIBLITY
            • Highest COP                                     • Support all kinds of heat source
            • Lowest power consumption rate                   • Low leaving chilled water temperature down to -7℃
            • Stable Part Load Operation                        allowing diverse application area
            • Smart Power Management System saving energy cost of   • Wide range of products lines
             instruments                                      • Less limit on installation environment, from hazardous
            • Compact size, small footprint                     area to an offshore plant
                                                              • Customizable material, dimensions, and software

                             RELIABILITY                                      CONVENIENCE

            • Developed the technical standard of absorption chillers   • Hermetically sealing safe automatic purge system
             for district cooling in Korea                    • Automatic tube cleaning system
            • Repeat customers from government agencies and multi-  • Remote Monitoring System
             national corporations.
            • International quality/safety standards including IECEx,
             ATEX, DNV-GL, CE, UL, PED, GAR. ISO etc.,
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