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Product detail

             HWAR-L Single Effect Hot Water Absorption Chiller

             30~2,000RT (105~7,033kW)

             Driving Temperature: 80~120℃


             ■ Highest delta T in hot water
             Achieved leaving temperature of hot water down to 70℃, by the unique 2-shell structured condenser and generator

             ■ Lowest power consumption and footprint
             Reduced absorbent solution flow rate by the unique 2-level structured evaporator and absorber. Less solution flow rate
             minimized the power consumption of the solution pumps as well as the size of machine. 60% lesser in power
             consumption, and 20% smaller in dimension compared to the products of other companies.

             ■ Highest COP
             Achieved COP 0.825, the highest in single effect hot water driven absorption chillers

             ■ Application versatility
             Designed to suit a variety of applications, from comfort cooling to providing chilled water for process applications,
             HWAR-L offers versatility for almost any job where hot water is available as the heat source. HWAR-L is sure to be the
             right choice for either new construction or retrofit applications.

             ■ Excellent part load performance
             The standard concentration control system allows stable part load operation at cooling water temperatures as low as
             17℃ without the need for a cooling water bypass. For maximum efficiency, a variable frequency drive pump (option)
             automatically maintains optimum solution flow between generator and absorber at all operating condition. This will result
             in improved part-load efficiency. HWAR-L has a continuous operating range from 100% to 10% of rated machine


             Australia Qantas (Sydney Airport), Thailand GC Glycol, USA Macy’s (New York), Millennium Hilton Hotel, CBS
             Television City, Aquarium of the pacific, Netherland University of Amsterdam
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